5 Things I Learned During Quarantine

Samantha Godoy
3 min readDec 17, 2020

The world is still grappling against an invisible adversary that has already taken a significant number of lives globally. While having been confined in the four corners of my abode for what seems like forever, this pandemic has indeed taken its toll on me. Despite that, I was able to gather stories and learnings on my own to share.

1. Do Not Take Things for Granted

This might be one of the most cliché sayings out there, but I really find it apt for this plight we are facing. Whenever people invite me out, I usually go through my wide array of excuses and pick one that cannot be further debated. I always pick my go-to excuse, the “I’ll make it up next time” line, which mostly never happens. Whenever my family discovers new tourist spots nearby, I would usually refuse to tag along because as per my inane belief, those places would never close or vanish and I can visit them whenever I want to. Well jokes on me, indeed.

I have learned to never take things for granted because we are still oblivious of what the future holds. In just a snap, things and people can disappear. Once this is all over, I will say yes to girls’ night out, family road trips, and adventures. I will say yes to everything that would put my heart at ease and make my soul feel alive.

2. Self-care Above All

Both my physical and mental state were hanging by a thread during the first few months that I forgot to take care of myself. I have gained weight from binge-eating my quarantine snacks; hence, I have decided to take action. I have been working out every other day in a span of two weeks; however, because my motivation was nowhere to be found, my exercise routine became inconsistent. Every day, I push myself to be my motivation if I cannot find one. Some days, I just allow myself to wallow and sleep all day to seclude myself from the world, and that is totally fine — it is needed.

As for my mental health, it has gotten a lot worse since this pandemic hit the world. Whenever I hear the news, I automatically have silent meltdowns because I feel helpless, until I found refuge in writing. I started writing my feelings every day to somehow diminish the fear and anxiety that have been building up. It really diverted my attention, and it taught me to let go of my feelings through pen and paper, which gives me a sense of relief.

3. Make the Most Out of Your Time

Now that time is almost at our fingertips, it can be overwhelming having no idea what to do. I have learned that this pandemic should not impede our growth and improvement. Now is the time to get started with that one thing you have been wanting to do if you only had time. I spent some time finishing free online classes that had such an immense help for my course. I also found my way through the kitchen, trying out new recipes, and improving old ones. I did a lot of baking as well, wherein I finally perfected my version of chewy chocolate cookies. Day by day, I try to seek new things to keep me sane and occupied because I reckon that anxiety can easily seep through if one is idle.

4. Check on your loved ones

Due to this predicament, one had to endure severe anxiety and panic, that is why checking on your loved ones is vital. Reconnect with the people you once distanced from, talk about your feelings, and listen to theirs. Even simple messages like “take care” or “stay safe” can make all the difference. Sometimes knowing that someone out there looks out for you means a lot. Each one of us is going through a silent battle every day, so the least thing we can do is be kind to one another. It just makes the world a whole lot better.

This year has been a roller coaster ride, full of twists and turns, but it helped me reassess my perceptions in life. Let this worldwide frenzy be a reminder for us to always appreciate life and prepare for anything that could happen. May we know better and may we do better.



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